Mar 5 2016

Afrosonic Resonance Collective

Portrait of Theo Croker Photo by Geordie Wood


THURSDAY MARCH 31, 2016, 11:30pm


NEW YORK – Three Chord Truth presents “Afrosonic”, a celebration of dance, funk, rock and Afrobeat, featuring the AfroPhysicist himself, Theo Croker. The show will be hosted at Baby’s All Right, the premier music club of Brooklyn, on March 31st at 11:30pm.

The young and supremely talented Theo Croker leads a new outfit, Afrosonic Resonance Collective, on an odyssey of rhythm exploration that ripples across genres. With phenomenal musicality and diverse instrumentation, Resonance calls to mind the great Nigerian master Fela Kuti, while adding their own postmodern imprint. Dancers groove to pulsing beats as Croker paints aural landscapes with vibrations, lathering crowds to fervor and exaltation.

Since releasing AfroPhysicist in 2014 to celebratory reviews, Croker has toured Europe, Asia and North America. At the end of 2015, he released the EP DVRKFUNK, showcasing his wide-ranging chops. “In an effort to remain honest, music must serve not only as an artistic expression of humanity through tones and rhythms, but it must also reflect the society that gave it life,” says Croker. “My life experiences have allowed me to share an eclectic, global viewpoint. DVRKFUNK gives listeners a look into that world.”

ARC will perform at 11:30pm. They will be followed by two other acts on the bill.

Q and the Move is the explosive result of Bronx native Quoom Lewi’s subway percussion and rap duo joining forces with Nathaniel Mallon’s Shanghai stoner rock and blues outfit, Georgia Sam. Combining African rhythms with American soul and New York City hip hop, Q leads the Move on a spiritual quest of love through music, rapping about joy and pain while lead singer Rindy Portfolio lends a melodic lyric over the psychedelic dropbeat.

The East River Boys are a brand new, Brooklyn-based band consisting of five multi-instrumental musicians who immediately knew it was their fate to form a group after a late night jam in a Bushwick apartment. With experience playing live from Singapore to Paris, the East River Boys will make their New York debut at Afrosonic.

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For more information on Theo Croker please visit:

Afrosonic Resonance Collective (ARC):

Theo Croker – Trumpet, Leader

Kassa Overall – Drums, Percussion

David Frazier Jr.- Drums, Percussion

Nir Felder – Guitar

Seth Johnson – Guitar

Mike King – Keys

Russell Hall – Bass

Anthony Ware – Tenor Sax

Owen Broder – Bari Sax

Alex Cummings – Alto Sax

Lee Hogans -Trumpet

Media contact:
Chaz Bellows – / 860.416.7288

Feb 9 2012

DJ Rob Swift

March 15th, 2012….Yugongyishan in Beijing…a master turntablist…a walking encyclopedia of the craft….


Nov 3 2011

What is Booshkabaash?




Booshkabaash is world pop.

It’s organic.

It’s community and diversity.

It’s coming in December…


Sep 22 2011

Tinho Pereira

EPK Tinho Pereira

Jun 27 2011

Lions of Puxi win BEST BAND

For the second consecutive year, LIONS OF PUXI win BEST BAND SHANGHAI.

Thanks to all our fans and supporters, we tripled the votes of the second place band. We are thrilled.


Nathaniel Mallon, Vladimir Legay, Gilbert Kuppusami, and Gauthier Roubichou accepting City Weekend's Best Band 2011 Award

May 20 2011

Long Shen Dao!

For your information, Long Shen Dao is the original Chinese reggae band. Based in Beijing, they are coming to Shanghai to perform, and Three Chord Truth is promoting. Check ’em out be there on June 4th when they perform LIVE at Mao Livehouse with special guests Lions of Puxi and The Shanghai Yard Soundsystem

Apr 29 2011

Hello World!

Three Chord Truth has officially LAUNCHED!